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TOPIC: In the air of August

In the air of August 1 month 3 weeks ago #1

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In the air of August, the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus was everywhere, adding to the memories of the early autumn. Looking for the sweetness of the past in this fascinating season, the sadness is also in the shadow. In the past few days, happiness or pain has been deeply imprinted in my mind; it is also unrelated to worry or worry. Every time someone is alone, there will be countless images, your happiness, your troubles, my lovesickness, my tears; your happiness, your helplessness, my fears, my waiting. I always want to let the time stay at that moment, let the happy ones accompany me for a while, but it is fleeting and disappearing. When you go, you are very sudden. Don't give me a little bit of preparation. Maybe I know what you think. It is the sadness of a strong man's broken wrist, the pain of a sword. But it was too painful. It took a whole year and even hurts Hall, Chongsheng Temple), Eryi (Dongyu, Xiqiao), Ertang (Dongmingluntang, West) Mingluntang), the three ministers (Zunjinge, Wenxing Pavilion, Zhuxiangge), Simen (Xingxingmen, Dachengmen, Jinshengmen, Yuzhenmen), Wuting (Jingyi Pavilion, Sile Pavilion, Zhaisu Pavilion, Dongbei Pavilion, Xibei Pavilion), Liuyi (Gengxian, Cangsheng, Mingxi, Xiangxian, Festival, and loyalty). Under the influence of the Temple of Literature, cultivated Jianshui The Bachelor of Confucius, the Confucianism of Confucianism, and the psychological complex of the famous name, the Confucian Temple has become a holy place for Zun Confucianism. The local community often holds a Confucian Temple. Some activities, such as the students before going to the exam, go to the Confucius Temple to worship Confucius, as well as opening pen etiquette Newport Cigarettes Coupons, adult etiquette, child etiquette, ancient wedding ceremony, sacrificial ceremony. These activities have played a good educational role. The most attractive place to visit the Temple of Literature is Dacheng Hall. It is the main building of the Confucian Temple. It is lined up with five halls. The main hall is built with a dragon throne and enshrines the statue of Confucius. Facing the statue of Confucius, I am thinking: Confucius��s position in Chinese cultural education is beyond doubt Newport 100S. But Confucianism is not the whole of Chinese culture, but at best it is only a branch. The Chinese people now talk about Chinese culture, only mentioning Confucius, not the rest, is the performance of blind people. Even if you . Yes, God gave us the opportunity to meet, but it gave us the courage and strength to love each other, but it did not give us the time and space to match; gave us a happy day, and gave us happiness. But it gave us a deep miss and a farewell to the ends of the earth. I always wonder why I am going to meet you and fall in love with you so deeply and unshakable? Is the fate of God or you and me inadvertently Newport Cigarettes. I am grateful for whatever kind of thing, because let me have you, have your laughter, have your happiness mokingusacigarettes.com, you will make me cry, there will be tears of happiness, and you will let me remember for life Parliament Cigarettes. . Maybe time will forget everything about each other, maybe reality will blur your face. But the persistence of love is not going away. It is as rock-solid as the osmanthus fragrance in the natural sky. It adorns people's lives. In my heart, there are fragrant chestnuts. She enriches the emotions of my life, forever. heart.

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In the air of August 1 month 3 days ago #2

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